Supa Mario & Wildfire – Party Stormer [Homesick Riddim] (2017 Grenada-Antigua Soca)

Who is he? The one who frequents every party? He doesn’t need any company, just him & his exuberant energy..He who takes over any fete getting on wild & wassy. It could be sunshine or hurricane, give him any scene he’d travel land or sea. His behaviour fueled by music & rum, jammin’ on somebody woman sure to cause destruction. HE… ah Party Stormer.

Produced by: Shawn “Mr. Roots” Mitchell
Written by: Peter ‘WiLDFiRE’ Noel, Mario Isaac, and Arnold Perry
Vocally Produced by: Peter ‘WiLDFiRE’ Noel
Recorded @ We Big Studio (Miami, Fl) & Studio 625 (Mount Vernon, NY)

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