Axia Nation feat Yani & Papa San – Nothing Without You (2017 Release)

Trinidad, WI: Axia Nation’s Perfect Love Song “Nothing Without You” Featuring Yani & Papa San

The familiar rhythms from your favourite love songs are entwined with memories of your story, while its relevance to your life is echoed by words that mirror bits of your journey. Some emotions that you have prayed to dormancy are usually awakened while others you have desired to feel are given new life. As much as you own the memories the story was not created for or by you. You understand that the beauty in a message is in its delivery and you are ready to share, this is the case for Yani and the all-female band Axia Nation.

As faith would have it, Yani’s cry of desperation became her “Love song to God” titled ‘Nothing Without You.’ The lyrics penned by her are as real and raw as imaginable. A truthful testament of her journey is an ode to the power of God and his influence and control in her life, “If it wasn’t for God holding me I would fall apart, I would commit suicide; I would go out there and do anything…He is my sanity” is her declaration. Sharing a musical message of this nature with the caliber of talent and ministry that is Papa San is a constant reminder of the power God.

This collaboration between Axia Nation, Yani and Papa San is truly a story of God’s unwavering love, support and protection. Their song of thanksgiving is through ‘Nothing Without You.’

Written by Yani & Papa San
Produced By: Deer Panteth Productions
Mixed By: 1-UP STUDIO
Mastered By: Sage Audio (US)

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