2017 Cropover Soca

Kisha – Low Key [Red Boyz Music] (2017 Cropover Soca)


Kisha – Low Key [Red Boyz Music] (2017 Cropover Soca)

Produced by : De Red Boyz
Performed by: Kisha Joseph
Written by; Shemmy Johannes, Kisha Joseph, Wayne Vitalis, & Gareth Jules.
Composed by: Shemmy Johannes, Scott Galt, Michael Hulsmeier & Kisha Joseph
Background vocals: Indra Rudder
Mixed by: Andrew Denny
Mastered by: Will Quinnell at Sterling Sound NYC

Lyrics: Kisha – Low Key


Hey boy leh we keep it low key
Low key low key low key low key
When you grab me round me body
Leh we keep it low key low key
Nobody affi know wha going on
Leh we keep it low key low key
And ah promise you dat trophy
If you keep it low key low key

(Verse 1)

Nobody affi know what going on (going on)
Nobody affi really know de plan (know de plan)
Dey go talk but dey won’t understand (NO!)
And ah hope when ah gi yuh de wuk
You doh go round de place and talk
Cause ah promise de secret service go STOP

(Pre chorus)

Well boy if ah whine down low
And come up slow
Ah hope you keep de ting to yoh
If ah push it back and get on slack
Ah hope yuh can handle dat
If ah whine down low
and come up slow
Ah hope no evidence doh show
Boy I love you and you want me
But leh we keep low keyyyy ……yeah


(Verse 2)

I see yuh post on Instagram (Instagram)
Whinning on a big bam bam (big bam bam)
Ah hope dah eh me and you in de jam (No!)
You see everywhere ah pass
Every man does watch my class
If you run your mouth ah dropping you fas

(Pre Chorus)



Boy hold it down (down down down down)
Hey boy hold it down (down down down down)
Hey boy hold it da-ah-awn
Hold it down hold it down hold it down my baby
Hold it down

(Verse 1 Repeat)

(Pre Chorus)

(Chorus to Fade)

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